Privacy statement


Preliminary remark. We respect the privacy of our customers and of visitors to our website. We therefore treat your personal data with care. Through this privacy policy, we would like to inform you how we treat your personal data when you use this site, as well as when you use our services.

Introduction to the protection of personal data. Since May 25, 2018, a new European regulation determines your rights with regard to your personal data. The most important concepts of this new legislation (often referred to as GDPR) are data subjects, personal data and processing. The person concerned is you, the individual visiting this site or using our services. Your personal data is all the data in respect with you: it can be your name, your e-mail address, but also the fact that you have contacted us via a contact form, or the contract that you have concluded with us. What we do with your personal data is called processing. It ranges from demand, conservation to use for various purposes.


Why do we process your personal data? We process your personal data to allow us to sell or rent your property, to find a property corresponding to your wishes and needs among the properties that we rent and sell, to allow you to stay informed of the properties which might interest you.

On what legal basis do we process your personal data? Any use of your personal data must have a legal basis, must be in accordance with the law. We process your data on the basis of our legitimate interest, your acceptance, the pre-contractual phase or the execution of an agreement, and the legal obligation.Sometimes we have a "legal obligation" to request personal data. For example, in order to be able to establish a sales agreement, we must have your national register number.

In respect with several issues, such as sending newsletters by email, we ask for your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. This can be done easily, usually by clicking on the "unsubscribe" button that you will find in each of these emails.

We also keep data based on our "legitimate interest". This "legitimate interest" includes what you, as a client, can expect that we do, as real estate agents, to carry out our job properly. This concerns, for instance, the creation of lists of prospective buyers or specific important information in the context of certain goods or certain customers. Finally, we obviously need personal data to be able to perform the contract that binds us, such as your contact details.

What personal data do we keep about you? The personal data we keep about you depends on the relationship you have with us. We call this the categories of data subjects.

Relationship Description
“SIGHT” The individual who visits the premises without making himself known and without giving us personal data
FREE SERVICES The individual who uses our free services (such as personalized searches, free valuation of a property, the contact form) without signing a contract
PROSPECT TENANT The prospect tenant who, in the context of a specific property or in the context of his/her search for a rental property in general, provides us with detailed information, and possibly visits one or more properties.
PROSPECT PURCHASER The prospect buyer who provides us with information in the context of a specific property or in the context of his/her search for a property in general, and possibly visits one or more properties.
OWNER The owner, with whom a rental mission is concluded
SELLER The seller, with whom a sales mission is concluded
RESIDENT The person who resides in a property, when that person is not the owner or the seller in the transaction
PROSPECT The individual who contacts us or whom we contact for the sale or rental of a property of this person


We discuss below by customer category how we process your personal data, whether you can object to this processing, and what the consequences are. Next, we consider the rights you have as a data subject with regard to us.

What personal data do we process about the visitor? If you, as a visitor to our website, do not share any personal data, we will not retain any personal data. Depending on the browser settings, cookies may be placed on the user's device. See the “cookie policy”.