Documents required to sell a premises


- Copy of ID card or passport of the owner(s)

-  - Layout of the premises

-  - Town planning information.

This document is to be requested urgently. The Municipalities are required to deliver town planning information to persons who request it within thirty days. This information must appear in the sales agreement. Many municipalities are behind schedule, hence the importance of taking the necessary steps, as soon as a property is put up for sale.

- - Last extract of the land tax roll

-  - Energy certificate

- - Certificate of inspection of the electrical installation.

     The seller of the premises is entitled to provide a certificate of inspection of the electrical installation to the buyer.

Whether the certificate indicates that the installation is compliant or not, the sale takes place, but the purchaser is thus informed of the necessary compliance.

If the installation does not comply, the purchaser has 18 months to bring it into compliance.

In addition, the electrical installation must be checked every 25 years. If the certificate available to the seller is more than 25 years old, a new visit is required.

- - Property deed

- - When applicable, building permit and / or renovation permit.

- - If work was carried out on the premises after January 25, 2001, the subsequent intervention file

-  - Soil certificate. This document is generally requested by the acting Notary.

-  - Compliance certificate of the fuel oil tank (if any)

-  - Copy of the property insurance policy.

-      For condominiums

- The minutes of the general assemblies over the past 3 years.

- The statements of charges for the last 2 years (with mention of working capital and reserve funds, as well as any arrears)

- Basis act